New activation code requested

Hello Paul,

I reinstall Biblioscape 6.6 on a new laptop. Please, provide me with a new serial number.
The new machine code is 645324786 (MAC 7E-2F-68-38-5C-4E)

My user name on the old machine is: HorenbeeckE
The serial number on the old machine is: 9815C7D4531F286541

Thank you,

Eric Van Horenbeeck

Eric Van Horenbeeck, the

Eric Van Horenbeeck, the registration key for version 6 has been sent to you by email. Paul

Another activation request

My old machine died and I need to activate Biblioscape 8 on the new one. The machine ID is 4071517151.

(I've bought a copy of Biblioscape 9 but it seems to work quite differently from 8 and right now I don't have the time to fool with it.)

Will O'Neil

Please see my email.

Please see my email.

Not received

I have not received an e-mail with a from address since 10/29/2010. I've searched all my files, including the spam trap.

My address is -- an alternative is

Will O'Neil

I sent the email to

I sent the email to earlier today. I just sent one to your other email as well.

Still no message - try alternative

It's remarkable -- messages to those two addresses come by different routes and yet neither arrived.

I've set up a G-Mail account: Would you try that?

Will O'Neil

I just sent another one to

I just sent another one to gmail.