Biblioscape beta version release

In the release, there are 3 new features added:

1. In the references editor pane "Edited" tab, if users click the right mouse button, users can choose "All Fields" or "User Defined". When "User Defined" is picked, only those fields that are relevant to the current reference type are shown. Users can customize which fields to be shown by going to the "Options" window. Under the "References" tab, users can customize the field label for each reference type. If a field label is left blank, this field is considered irrelevant to the selected reference type.

2. For records list of projects, references, notes, tasks, charts, and categories, users can type the first few letters to jump to a record. For example, at the Biblioscape startup, if you have a folder with the name "Xylanase", you can just type the letter "x", Biblioscape will jump to that folder and open it. For the references list, if you have a record with first author "Bowen, P.", if you type "b", Biblioscape will jump to the first record that start with the letter "b" in author name. If you type another letter "o", it may jump to the record with first author "Bowen, P.".

3. AutoComplete is added to the reference editor.