Biblioscape 9 beta release

Biblioscape 9 beta is available for download to existing customers. If you have purchased Biblioscape before and are willing to test the new version, please send email to

Installation: Biblioscape 9 will be automatically installed under "C:\Biblioscape 9\". Do not move it under "C:\Program Files\" because Windows will not allow programs to write any files under this folder. You can move it to other folders where you have the write privilege.

Warning: Biblioscape 9 can open databases of earlier versions and automatically convert it. Before doing this, be sure to backup your old database.

New features: Biblioscape 9 is the most important upgrade since version 5. It is based on a new database engine that supports Unicode. Entering records in different languages is no longer a problem. The user interface is redesigned and streamlined. Microsoft Ribbon interface is used to make all commands easily accessible. BiblioWeb is rebuilt from scratch. Web users can be assigned access privilege at folder level. The web interface is now usable from desktop to smart phone browsers. There are also major improvements in all the 5 modules: references, notes, tasks, charts, and categories. These will be covered below in detail.

Database and inteface

Biblioscape database can be backed up by clicking the "Backup" button. Or you can let Biblioscape do the backup automatically after a certain number of sessions. You can restore to a backed up database by selecting a backup file and click the "Restore" button.

Microsoft Ribbon interface exposes all the commands on the screen. You can reach any command with two clicks maximum. If you have limited screen space, you can double click the Ribbon tab to hide it.


References module

New reference can be added with minimum typing by using the Quick Add. You only need to enter the author name, year, and a couple of words in the title. Biblioscape will look it up on the Web and capture the match automatically into your database. If the full text is available online, Biblioscape can display the PDF file in the preview pane.

You can use the built-in browser to search and capture references on the Web. Z39.50 is supported by Biblioscape and you can search against close to 3,000 university and public library catalogs inside Biblioscape. Biblioscape also supports Direct Export. You can use any web browser to search against all major citation databases and capture search results with a single click where Direct Export is provided.

If you have a PDF collection, you can click the "Add PDF File" button to add PDF files into a references folder. Biblioscape will lookup the web and add the meta data automatically. So you don't have to type the Authors, Title, etc. manually. You can read the PDF file inside Biblioscape and add non-destructive annotations.

Notes module

Compile notes into a single document with formatted citations, a bibliography, table of contents, and index generated automatically by Biblioscape.

Write comments to your notes. The comments could be reminders, ideas, etc. The highlight color will not show when you copy or compile your notes into a manuscript.

Tasks, charts, and categories modules

Tasks can be created inside the references and notes module. Biblioscape provides easy to use tools to manage tasks following the Getting Things Done (GTD) principles.


The new BiblioWeb is designed to work well on both desktop browsers and smartphone browsers.


A group of users can easily share a common database through a bundled database server over the Local Area Network or the Internet. With broadband connection, opening a remote database can still achieve good performance.