Unable to open data folder

In attempting to figure out how to backup the large data base for my references, I went to the biblioscape 7 folder and clicked on the biblioscape.exe icon (since it showed 11.7 mb) to see if it contained my database that I could then save on an external drive. It opened over the biblioscape window that I had left open with all my data, then crashed. When I reopened using the same shortcut I usually use on the desktop, it opened biblioscape with my folder listed, but when it was selected it would not open my data. Sometimes when I select the named folder it gives the message "categories module is not included in lite or standard edition please upgrade." I have biblio 7, though sometime ago I started with biblioexpress. How can I get my data folder(s) to open? I am not able to locate a biblioscape data folder within the Biblioscape folder on my harddrive.

I have been able to get the

I have been able to get the subfolders to open and clear the error messages (it was way convoluted, so I won't detail it), but I have not found where the subfolders are living so I can back them up. Would appreciate advice in this regard. They don't seem to be anywhere in the biblio 7 folder or subfolders. I haven't been able to shake them out by doing a search for their name or file types...Thanks

If you open the

If you open the "...\Biblioscape x\Global\dbReopen.txt" file, the database path is listed there in the first line. Thanks, Paul