inability to search on Journal titles

Hello Paul,

Sorry to keep e-mailing the forum with questions for you! I've managed most of the migration to V.8, but one persistent issue left over from V.6 is still there. When I try to search (in advanced search) on Journal title, I get the error message Exception: List index out of bounds (-1). All the other search choices work fine. Any idea what this could be?

Did you move the "reftypes"

Did you move the "reftypes" folder from the old installation to the new one? This will cause problem because there are new fields added to the reference table. Also, is there a "reftypes" folder under your database folder? If so, please remove it. Thanks, Paul

There is no Reftypes folder

There is no Reftypes folder under the database folder. Also, this inability to search on journal name predates the move to Bib 8; we had the same problem in Bib 6. After installing Bib 8, I went into the ref type table in Bib 8 and added our customized ref types, but still using the file supplied in Bib 8. We have no difficulty searching on any other field.

This problem may be caused

This problem may be caused by a bug. I will work on this later in the second week of August.