Cutomizing the htm pages

Hi all, we are trying to customize the BiblioWeb to our needs and we are having problems with the marked and logoff files.

bw_marked and bw_logoff ; we have customized all other pageswith out Logo but can't find the files where bw_marked and bw_logoff are served.

 Your help will be appreciated...




There is no corresponding

There is no corresponding html files for those two url. The requests are just handled by the server and return the reference list or the message page.

RE: Cutomizing the htm pages

Thanks Paul for your response. but we are adding our company Logo to the top bit and customizing the interface... only the logoff and marked pages are not carrying the changes made. I hope that explains better what i need a solution to?

any help?

Please check the

Please check the bw_message.html file.

Thanks Paul for you reply.

Thanks Paul for you reply. please see the code below for the bw_message page


<TD valign="bottom"><A href="bw_logoff"
                  target=_self>Log off</A> :: <a href="bwo_help.htm" onClick="nlPopupHelp('11','1','1',null,'Full');return false;">Help</a></TD>


The log off link has an href "bw_logoff" but can not find that file to modify to fit our styling... hope this further explains my quest for help.


When logoff is clicked,

When logoff is clicked, BiblioWeb will load the bw_message.htm file. So that's the file to modify.

Changing logoff message text

I have a follow-up question to this post. I customized the bw_message.htm file, but I am not able to find where I can edit the actual text of the logoff message. How do I do that?


Tracie, The message is

Tracie, The message is generated by BiblioWeb dynamically. So you cannot edit the autual message. Paul

future enhancement?

Thanks, Paul. It would be great if this could be considered for a future enhancement. It would allow for more customization. Thanks, Tracie