Minor display bug


Whilst moving to another pc with larger drive I noticed a minor display bug as illustrated.


Display bug



















Good news about the next version.  I am looking forward to upgrading.
Because of the release date of the beta, I will no bother re-registering to the new computer as I think the trial period should suffice.

Is the image a part of

Is the image a part of Windows background? After minize the Biblioscape window and come back, does the image disappear? I cannot reproduce this.

Yes, the image is part of

Yes, the image is part of the default windows desktop background.

I have forwarded an export of the record in question to you.

The text was created by OCR and I notice from the exported text file there are some codes within it, so they may be the cause.


What are the codes? The

What are the codes? The preview display is from a html file. But I am not aware of a tag in html that can do this. Do you get this every time you move to this record?

Coding may be rtf.

The codes are rtf codes as far as I am aware.  I mainly store only text in the memo fields (as images stored there slow the display down) linking any videos, images, files, or programming files using the link to file.

Because I am unfamiliar with the code I emailed an exported copy of the file in question to the support desk, explaining the text was created by OCR. 

Hope that helps

Did not answer fully. Yes

Did not answer fully.

Yes I got this every time I moved to that record.