basic question export to report

sorry for basic question - i have a folder ALL that has a few thousand entries, and within it several folders with hundreds of entries.
i want to export an RTF report that lists all items in the database, within the ALL folder including the subfolders.
but my reports only include the ALL folder items, not the subfolder items.
what do i need to do?
thank you for your kind response and guidance,

You can also do a "Retrieve

You can also do a "Retrieve All" (Ctrl+R) and then run the report.


One way might be to:

1. Create a 'Collection" reference folder, which is device that shadows references that are actually located in other folders. (A reference is allowed by Biblioscape to actually reside in only one place.)

BEFORE PROCEEDING, THOUGH: BE SURE YOU HAVE REALLY CREATED A "COLLECTION" REFERENCE FOLDER, AND NOT A "real" REFERENCE FOLDER -- otherwise you will actually move the references and lose the hierarchy you had stored them in. A difficulty here is that the folder icons are identical for reference collection folders and reference folders. The only way you can tell them apart is that a collection folder has a link icon beside it (an infinity symbol) on the right-hand side of the left pane.

2. Then you can go to your various folders one at a time, do a "select all," and drag and drop the selection into the collection folder. The references will remain in their original locations, but will be shadowed in the collection folder.

3. Then go to your collection folder, sort it the way you want it, do a select all, and shoot it into a Word -- or export it, if that is what you want. (For shooting, you can also change which fields are output, in what order, and how they are formated by going to Tools | Styles | Output-Styles, and can create your own style (perhaps based on an existing one) if necessary.

Perhaps this is a bit of a kludge, and Paul may have an easier way to do it. But this should get you going.