"word was unable to read this document. It may be corrupt"

first and all, thank you so much for helping me recover my database, I'm really grateful for that, I truly am!!!

sorry, but there is another problem that I can't figure out:

I want to format my manuscript, so I did like the manual said. I have put the file into a Rich text Format, but when I want to save it, there appears "some custom properties that are stored in this document will be lost". When I opened it with biblioscape "format manuscript", word cannot open it the following message appears then:
"word was unable to read this document. It may be corrupt. try.....blablayadda text recovery convertor, tried that but it won't work.

Can you please help me out?

thx again,


Cliff, the RTF file is not

Cliff, the RTF file is not generated correctly. You can email me the documents before and after the formatting.

same problem with new Biblioscape

I too am having a problem formatting my manuscript. The document was produced mostly using temporary citations in Word 2010 (version 14) from Biblioscape v 8.05. I get a similar message when I format the manuscript and Word can not open the rtf file.

L. Jordan

Jordan, as Microsoft adds

Jordan, as Microsoft adds more stuff to the RTF file, it becomes more likely to make it unreadable after formatting. Biblioscape now can use fields in Word document to do the formatting. This has made it very reliable and fast. Please try the add-in. In version 11, the add-in will be improved significantly.