Z39.50 client; Web Search cannot be performed

Hello everyone,

whenever I try to start up the Z39.50 client for online searches I am being told: "DLL not found", and afterwards "Biblioscape cannot start Yaz Zoom engine". I am wondering what I am supposed to do, where to get the needed registry files/and or install that Yaz Zoom engine manually. Right now I am stuck with not being able to perform Web Searches...

Also, I am wondering about compatibility with Word 2000. Couldn't find anything on that topic as well.

Any help with the questions raised above would be appreciated.
Greetings from Berlin, Germany,


This really is kind of

This really is kind of urgent. Need to get some work done. Any kind of help is appreciated, really.

There should be 5 *.dll

There should be 5 *.dll files under Biblioscape root folder. Please make sure all those files are there. You can install Biblioscape on another computer to see if you can reproduce the problem.