Bug: Search terms in predefined search URLs lose capitalization after 1st use

I've placed links to 8 predefined searches on bw_home.htm. The first time one visits the page (http://library.centerforoceansolutions.org), the search term in each link is correctly capitalized, as in this example with search term "South East Pacific":


But if one returns to bw_home.htm after clicking one of those links, the search terms in all 8 of the predefined search links lose the proper capitalization of their first and third word, as seen in this example with search term now "south East pacific":


Clicking any of the newly miscapitalized links results in an empty results page because the search is case sensitive, rendering the predefined links useless in a browser session after one of them is clicked. Any idea why this would happen and how to prevent it?


Ben, I went to your site and

Ben, I went to your site and tested those predefined searches on IE, FireFox, and Chrome. They all worked correctly no matter how many times I went back to the home page and re-click the pre-defined searches.

Please try the following actions


Please try performing the following actions, as this sequence consistently causes the search terms in the predefined search links to lose the capitalization necessary for successful searches in Firefox 3.6.8 on Mac OSX (10.6.4), Safari 5.0.1 on Mac OSX (10.6.4), and Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 on Windows XP Home Edition, 2002 with Service Pack 3.

1) Access the website by visiting http://library.centerforoceansolutions.org.
2) Click the "East Asian Seas" link in the "Browse By Region:" section below the "View Marked Records" link in the top right corner of the white area of the page.
3) Click the "New Search or Browse" link to the left of the "View Marked Records" link in the top right corner of the white area of the page.
4) Check the "East Asian Seas" link now that you've returned to the "Search & Browse" page. Is the search term not now "east Asian seas," which causes an empty search results page to be displayed if you click the link?


Ben, it looks like some

Ben, it looks like some browsers change the case in cached URL. To get around this, you have to use case insensitive searches like: lower(bib.keywords)+like+'%25east%20asian%20seas%25'+order