Endless formatting of rtf files

Hello Paul,

We are facing several difficulties for formatting a Word 2003 document. This document is 40-page long and contains 8 figures and 15 tables. It's size on hardrive is 650ko. Well, nothing anormal until there. The rtf file produced by Word 2003 from this document is by far larger (69MB).

Our first attempts were unsuccessful, BS worked for 2 hours then crashed. We then corrected 5 references that had not been properly entered in the database. BS can now format our rtf document but formatting is still too long (> 1 hour).

What can be done to speed up formatting?

Two years ago, you wrote me that you were considering to code new macros for interacting with the 2 major word processors (MS Word 2007-2010 and OpenOffice v3.xx). It would probably be faster to format a odt (270ko in the present case) or a docx file (470ko) than a 69MB rtf file. Can we still hope, such macros being available soon?

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Update on formatting rtf files


Formatting is particularly slow (> 1h is not uncommon) when a rtf file contains image/graph insertions. Removal of all external graphic elements speeds up formatting. However, such a workaround cannot be used in routine document production. We cannot waste our time in removing figures manually, then formatting the manuscript and finally reinserting all previously removed figures in the formatted manuscript.



When inserting graphics,

When inserting graphics, there is an option to insert a link to the graphic file instead of keeping the graphics in the RTF file. This will reduce the file size significantly. We will work on a new scanning feature of the Word XML format. The new format keeps graphic file separately. This will make the scanning much faster. We will try to get this done for the next major release. Thanks, Paul 


Several co-workers read of modifiy our documents. So we need all our documents to be self-contained and easy to exchange. I am afraid none of these people won't go back to the way they worked in 1995.