V.7 Out of Memory Bug?


I have recently found a bug within the Biblioscape references module.


Imported the text of a discussion into Biblioscape from the Web using the 'Capture Page as a Reference' button.  The text of the discussion was saved in the Document (Rich Text) field of the reference. Because the discussion took place over a number of pages, two other pages of selected text were cut and pasted into the reference document field.
Exported that together with other references saved into Biblioscape during that session as a Biblioscape tag file to transfer them to an off-line machine.
When importing that Biblioscape tag file into Biblioscape an 'out of memory' message appears.

Taking the ref with the large amount of text out of the Biblioscape tag text file and placing it in another file on its own did not resolve the difficulty as that particular reference still caused the error.
Importing everything but the text from that large reference did resolve the problem. The text could then be cut and pasted into the reference document field without difficulty.

The problem can be replicated and seems to occur when a large amount of plain text exists within an imported reference document field.
There was no difficulty with the export to Biblioscape tag file.
I have not experienced this before, but do recollect some mention of 'out of memory' messages some time ago, which was resolved (and if memory serves me correctly was down to coding within the text - not so in this case).
As with references which may contain images in the document field, rather than a link to an image, this particular reference takes slightly longer to open, but that is not a problem.

To reproduce the error, create a reference with some plain text within the rich text field, cut and paste until the plain text content is some large amount, then export the reference as a Biblioscape Text file and import again.

I am absolutely certain the memory shortage is not down to the machine configuration and wonder if there is some restriction within the Biblioscape import mechanism or the database field update which causes this message.  Biblioscape 7.4 Pro and Librarian are the versions in use.

Suggestions for Biblioscape 9. 

Would it be possible to enable an import of text which has been selected within a web page, either with or without a filter.  I do not mean here the existing import from clipboard, what I mean is an import as defined by the chosen filter or action, but where the text imported to the Document field may vary according to the text selected (as in cut and paste selection) within a Web page? Perhaps a sort of selected text tag option in an import filter or the 'Capture Page as a Reference' button, perhaps even a new 'Capture Selected Text' button with the whole page still being saved as an .mht file to assure context, but the document field only importing the selected text.
The obvious use is for Web research.

Would it be possible to enable the selection of some import filters from within a reference rich text or note note field to facilitate the breakdown of text from those locations into different references/notes using user defined filters?  (This breakdown facilitates analysis/commentary/critique of particular portions of an item). The current option since v.7 is to use cut & paste from the rich text field into a newly created duplicate reference rich text field, although I am sure there must be better ways to achieve that.


out of memory

having this same problem with the new library of congress import filter - please help!

Were you trying to import a

Were you trying to import a file? If so, please email me the file. Otherwise, please let me know the steps to reproduce it. Thanks, Paul

I tried to reproduce the bug

I tried to reproduce the bug with lots of text in the document field. Export the records and import the file back using Biblioscape Tag File didn't generate the "out of memory" error. I didn't understand your first suggestion for version 9. For the second one, using import from clipboard after copying will be a more flexible way to do that. Thanks, Paul



I have e-mailed a .zip of an export of a file from the sample database containing a large text which demonstrates this bug.
When originally looking at the problem I tried removing all the rich text codes to see if that would solve the difficulty, it did not.
Reducing the size of the textual content can solve the difficulty.  Obviously this does not appear to be a common problem as it is the first time I have come across it.

Below is an image illustrating the result of an import of that file.


Out of Memory

Regarding the suggestions.

The one you state you do not understand would involve the import filters operating as normal but the document field picking up only that data which is contained within a users text selection on the web page.  Some form of tag indicator within the Import Filter ref_doc field to show that the selected text was what was required would be needed.  It is possible to acheive a similarly variable capture with regex but for many web sites it simply is not worth compiling an import filter to capture only one reference; And yet continually editing the text field to remove unwanted items after a web capture becomes tiresome.  (Hence my own use of the Firefox add-on QuoteURLText which allows for the capture of a text selection and the production of a basic Biblioscape tag file. If you are able have a look at that to see similar functionality.)

Import from clipboard does not provide the functionality I was trying to describe as to do that it is first necessary to configure the text in such a way that it contains Biblioscape tag fields for each new reference.
The functionality of what I am thinking of would be the same as the web import filters but with the data source being the content of the rich text field and focused reference; Imagine merging Create Duplicate Reference with Import Filters. something like a context drop down menu selection in the rich text field providing access to an import filters dialogue (the same as the Web ones) where users could create filters to break down the content of a reference into child reference(s).  For example a very simple one would break content down by sentence creating new references (or notes depending on the users need and focus) with the relevant fields completed.



Out Of Memory Bug

I just had the same problem occur for me when trying to import a file. HELP! What was the solution? It is unclear from the thread above.


Update: Out of Memory Bug

Did a bit of investigating and the error is when exporting from Endnote. Need to make sure that when exporting from Endnote, the "output style" matches whatever drop down selection might be.

From here now you can import to Biblioscape and the error message will not occur. Not sure if this will work for everyone but it worked for my system.