Problem with F9 on a virtual machine

I switched to a Mac (Leopard) and am using Parallels v.5 to run Win XPpro (SP3) and on there I have just installed Bib ver 8. I wanted to test the "compile to RTF" in the composition module. Aside from other problems that I had which I will discuss in a separate text there was an obvious incompatibility with the Mac. After you compile to RTF a little window pops up before MS Word opens that says "After the document is opened in Word, press Ctrl+A to select all, and then press F9 to generate the TOC and Index."

On Mac you would press "command +A" instead. That works perfectly. However, and here is the problem, pressing F9 does not have the desired effect. And if I press "fn F9" it has the same effect as pressing the "Expose" function. But it definitely doesn't create a TOC or Index.

Since I have written the above I have spent about 30-45 minutes trying to figure out if I can make the Windows F9 work on the Mac. In Parallels preferences I was able to define a key sequence ^9 to be the same as F9. So that problem is now solved. However, you may want to warn other Mac users of this problem and the need to define keys to emulate the Win F9 key.

Thank you for letting us

Thank you for letting us know. The F9 key is for updating fields in Word. User can also find the Index section and go to the "References" tab and click "Update Index" to generate the index. Clicking "Update Table" will generate the table of contents.