BiblioWeb 9 beta is available for testing

We have set up two BiblioWeb version 9 test servers:

Both sites let you create a new account or use an existing account to test. The second one also allows you to login as admin to test what can be done as an administrator. 

What is new in BiblioWeb 9 

  • BiblioWeb 9 is a complete rewrite from earlier versions of BiblioWeb. It has made most modules in Biblioscape available on the Web. These includes: References, Notes, Tasks, Categories, and Library modules.
  • BiblioWeb 9 is a Web 2.0 product. Users can invite others to join the same network, add colleagues as connections and send them messages, form a group to promote a common interest. 
  • BiblioWeb 9 allows users to control who can access their data at project level. All references, notes, tasks, etc. are organized into projects. A project owner can give his/her connections and the groups he/she joined Read, Write, or Super access privilege to the project.
  • BiblioWeb 9 is Unicode based. All major languages are supported. Users can enter text in several languages for the same record.
  • BiblioWeb 9 is designed to be usable on a smart phone browser. The minimum width needed is 480 pixels. So users can access all their research data from iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phones, etc. 


Biblioweb 9 final release

Paul. Do you have a tentative schedule that you can give to indicate when Biblioweb 9 will be officially released?


We plan to make Biblioscape

We plan to make Biblioscape 9 (including BiblioWeb 9) beta available in the fist quarter of 2011. If nothing major goes wrong, it will be formally released in the second quarter of 2011.

beta links not working

Hi Paul (Paul Chen),

The links for biblioweb v9 beta are not working.

It is working now. Thank

It is working now. Thank you. 

PDF import

Hi there,
I am thinking of moving from endnote to biblioscape. I used for a while mendeley because i had the possibility to import large number of pdfs papers and mendeley will extract the metadata or i can put the PMID and he will find the corresponding citation.
In endnote its not possible but at least i can do drag and drop the pdf file to its reference.
I noticed that biblioscape has neither of the 2 possibilities. am i wrong?
Its really not fair because i loved everything in biblioscape and i am ready to move to it and recommend it to many of my colleagues.
would u please clarify this issue?
thank you

In the next major release,

In the next major release, we plan to add PDF meta data extraction support. With the current release, you can type the first author name, year, and a couple of words to add a reference using the "Quick Add".