GTD possibly misbehaving

I'm not sure if there is something wrong or not but this is the situation.

I have entered in 35 tasks that I have to accomplish.

Then I created a GTD category -- it was not automatically created because I am working with an import from v 7.

I have not yet assigned any Task to a category yet.

When I click on the Tasks and then open the Categories Tab as I would expect that when I click on any category the Task pane is empty since I have not assigned a Task to that category. But when I click on the Today or Next category all 35 tasks appear in the Task pane. That doesn't seem right.

If I then assign some tasks to the Someday category then those tasks are subtracted from the Next category but nothing is subtracted from the Today category. Hence the Today category is always full. Is this the expected behavior? If so it seems odd and one should get some kind of warning because I thought I messed up when I was assigning Tasks to GTD and so I killed GTD and started over but got the same behavior.

Am I doing something wrong or is this what is supposed to happen?

Thank you for your time.

Please get the latest patch

Please get the latest patch release at Now only tasks that are tagged with Today will be displayed when "Today" is clicked.

"Next" not working

If you recall my original text I mentioned that items were tagged for both Today and Next even though I didn't tag them. The current fix solves the problem for Today but not for Next.

For all the tasks without

For all the tasks without any tag, they will show up under "Next".

Thank you

Thank you for that clarification.