Problem with deleting categories

I have never used categories before and was experimenting on a project that I had imported from Bib 7 into Bib 8.05.

I created some categories X, Y, and Z and played around with it assigning some references to these categories. Then I deleted categories X, Y, and Z and then tried to again make new categories with the same names X, Y, and Z. But Bib told me that those category names were already in use and did I want to give it a new name, but I had deleted that category so how could it already be in use? Anyway I kept the same names and low and behold they had the same references linked to them.

So I then deleted the category container and created a new one and tried to make new categories X, Y, and Z but Bib again told me that there were already existing categories with these names even though I had previously deleted both the categories themselves as well as the category container. And when I created categories X, Y, and Z all the previous links still existed.

So how do I really delete the categories so that I can reuse the names?

When you delete a category,

When you delete a category, it is put into the Recycle bin. So you can restore it if needed. Only when it is deleted from the recycle bin, it is really deleted.

Recycle bin

I had emptied the recycle bin of both Biblioscape and Windows but that didn't solve the problem.

Please try this: Restart

Please try this: Restart Biblioscape and go to "File | Database | Rebuild Database".

Deleting categories

I just tried that (twice). After the rebuilt Biblioscape hung and I had to shut it down using Taskmanager and restart but it didn't get rid of the categories. Maybe the fact that it hung indicates that it it didn't rebuilt properly. Any other ideas?

Please zip all the files

Please zip all the files under your database folder. If the zip file is not too big, email it to Let me know the name of the category to add in order to reproduce the problem.

Am sending now

I am sending you a folder test.rar, it is small a new folder. To test it just name some categories X,Y or Z, (case sensitive). It should tell you that these names X, Y and Z already exist.

Thank you for sending me the

Thank you for sending me the file. I can reproduce the bug. Please download the latest patch at This bug is fixed in that patch. How your "X", "Y", "Z" category was deleted? I am wondering why your deleted categories don't show up in the "Deleted" folder.

Thank you and answer to your question

Thank you for patching it and I will download that patch ASAP. To answer your question when I first mentioned this little bug you said that I should delete it from the "deleted" folder but it was still a problem. So the test I sent you had them deleted from the "delete" folder as well to show you that I had done all the steps you had suggested.


Just to confirm that the patch seems to have fixed that problem.