What's required to get a Chinese, Japanese, or Korean library to display correctly via BiblioWeb?

I would be very grateful if someone with experience serving Chinese, Japanese, or Korean databases/libraries with BiblioWeb would let me know what is required to ensure their records display correctly in users' browsers, as I haven't seen anything about it in the Biblioscape documentation. Is anything (software, fonts, settings, etc.) required on the user's machine, for example?

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Ben, The current version of

Ben, The current version of BiblioWeb doesn't support Unicode. So it is not possible to display Chinese, Japanese, and Korean at the same time. It can only display one of the above languages at a time by changing the browser encoding. But this will change soon. We are working on a complete rewrite of BiblioWeb with Unicode support. So end user can display any language or several languages on the same page without the need to change browser encoding setting. The beta release of our new BiblioWeb will be made available for testing in 3 months in the second quarter this year.

English, French, Spanish, & Chinese?

That's awesome, Paul! Because you didn't mention non-CJK languages and you said only one CJK language can be displayed at a time, I need to ask two very specific questions:

1) Can a single Biblioscape library contain a mix of records in English, French, Spanish, AND Chinese?
2) If so, when I serve that library via BiblioWeb, are there any settings I or the users of the library need to change so that all records display correctly in their browser? What is this "browser encoding" to which you refer?


The following only applies

The following only applies to BiblioWeb 9, not the current version of BiblioWeb:

1. Yes.

2. No.  The default encoding: Unicode.