Use of complete name of author in short forms

I'm new to Biblioscape and I have a question about short forms: can I edit them so I have a long name author and a short title (in footnotes)? Can I edit a short form?

1. Emil Cioran, Sur les cimes du desespoir, Paris: Gallimard, 1961, p. 105.
2. Another footnote with a differnet author/title.
3. Emil Cioran, Sur le cimes..., pp. 10-20. (Here Biblioscape put only the last name of author: Cioran, Sur les cimes..., pp. 10-20).

Thank you very much!


This is supported in

This is supported in Biblioscape. There is a Title_short field, you can fill that field if you need a short form. Take a look at some of the styles that support short forms by going to "Tools | Styles | Output Styles". All styles that support footnote starts with *.