WordPerfect macro output style

I have been experimenting with the open source formatting macro for WP X4 (which appears to work now in BS 8.04. Thanks for the patch update!) What I haven't been able to discover yet is how the macro determines what formatting style to use on the document (I've searched the help files and forums and don't see this mentioned)? I've tested a little bit and can't tell if it is reading the style selected from the pull-down in the reference module or if it is somewhere else. I'd like to understand how this works so I can judge if the formatting for a particular style has been followed and performed correctly, as well as being able to switch styles as needed. Is there any info on this for either the open source or included WordPerfect macros?

WP open-source macro

The style is based on the pull-down menu in the reference module.

Yehuda N. Falk
Associate Professor of Linguistics
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem