BiblioSidekick doesn't open

Hi Paul,

I can't use BiblioSidekick.
I click on the .exe file, it appears on the Windows taskbar, but I can't maximize it. Only minimize and close are available.
I've already restarted Windows (Vista) and re-installed Biblioscape (version 8.04).

Thanks for helping.

Cannot see Bibliosidekick

I have the same problem.

Bibliosidekick loads but I cannot see it.

OS = XP sp3
Biblioscpae = 8.04

Main screen resolution = 1680 x 1050
Other screen resolution = 1280 x 1024

BSidekick shows in taskbar at bottom of main screen. When I minimise it an animation comes from right side of screen to taskbar. When I restore teh animation goes from taskbar to rigt side of screen.

I have tried various changes of resolution - doesn't work.


I think it have something to

I think it have something to do with having two monitors. I cannot reproduce this with a single monitor setup.

It isa problem for others as

It isa problem for others as well looking at the notes. Can you not set up two monitors and try it?

Two monitors are very uiseful in research. I review journal articles in one while noting in the other.

I do not want to use just one monitor.

Thnak you


When BiblioSidekick starts,

When BiblioSidekick starts, it will appear on the far right of your screen.

Hi Paul, Bibliosidekick

Hi Paul,

Bibliosidekick doesn't appear on the far right of my screen. In fact there isn't any window at all.
I start Bibliosidekick.exe, but only the name "Bibliosidekick" appears on the Windows taskbar, I click on it and nothing happens.

Thanks, Milene

I guess both this problem

I guess both this problem and the Biblioscape preview size problem is related to your screen resolution. Please let me know more about your screen size, resolution setup under Control Panel. Thanks, Paul

Lg Monitor 20

Lg Monitor 20 inches
resolution 1680 x 1050 pixel

Sidekick now opens. I use

Sidekick now opens.

I use two screens (notebook screen + external monitor). Solution: I changed the primary monitor (from extra monitor to notebook) and now Sidekick opens. I tried different resolution combinations, but only after changing the primary monitor could I open Sidekick.

But the preview pane still takes most of my screen, I only see 13 reference lines when I open Biblioscape.