Structure of Categories

Can a category reside under more than one category? I.e., I created a category for a composer. A child would contain piano compositions, each piano work is a child of that child. Other composers also wrote piano works, so I want to create a category "chamber music" with a child "piano works", with should contain all the piano works categories of different composers. Of course, I could create a link-structure, but I'm looking for an easy way to retrieve my data by making use of the "search plus children" function.
What, by the way, means "search plus descandents"?
Thanks, Volker

You can have two categories

You can have two categories with same name under two parents. This is allowed. It makes sense when you use linking because the same name could mean different things. But this will not work when used for tagging. If you want to use it for tagging, you need to put its parent's name as part of the category name. For example: Bach>Chamber Music>Paino Works". This is not the best way to do tagging. I would drag and drop records into 3 categories. So it will be tagged "Bach", "Chamber Music", and "Piano Works". This will give you better flexibility when retrieve records.