The third initial of author's name doesn't appear

Can anybody advise me how to edit author's name that third entered initial could be visible in formatted reference?

I have only two initials in the final formatted reference though I have entered three.


Authors: O. S. Falade; I. O. Otemuyiwa; A. Oladipo; O. O. Oyedapo; B. A. Akinpelu; S. R. A. Adewusi

Formatted reference: Falade, O. S., Otemuyiwa, I. O., Oladipo, A., Oyedapo, O. O., Akinpelu, B. A., & Adewusi, S. R. (2005). The chemical composition and membrane stability activity of some herbs used in local therapy for anemia. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 102, 15-22.

The question is how can I make Biblioscape output style to include the third initial letter of author if it exist (like missing letter A. in last author's name in the example shown above)?

All the best,
Dejan Pljevljakusic

The authors are not entered

The authors are not entered in the right form. Please try the following way to enter authors: Falade, O. S.; Otemuyiwa, I. O.; ... Adewusi, S. R. A.