Biblioscape reviewed in a detailed 7 software packages comparison

Italian researcher Francesco Dell'Orso maintains a highly respected web site with reviews of major bibliographic software packages. Software are reviewed very differently from most software reviews you read on computer magazines. Very detailed feature grids are constructed and filled with head to head comparison between all the software reviewed. Biblioscape was first added in 2004 with a shorter analysis. It was not included in the feature grids. In the latest 13the edition, Biblioscape is added with a full review in every category along with Bookends, Library Master, ProCite, EndNote, Reference Manager, and Papyrus. You can read the review at


Corrections ?

The site does contain a very detailed list of software functionality.

A quick look has revealed what I think are some discrepancies for Biblioscape though.

1. "3.5. Input/Edit" Item "7. Duplicate a record" states no.  The Biblioscape references module does have a create duplicate record function which duplicates a record at the database level allowing subsequent editing actions to be taken on the newly created duplicate record.

2. "3.5. Input/Edit" Item "10 Global corrections"  "5. change record type" is missing from the Biblioscape entry.  This is a simple operation to conduct from within the Edit Search/Replace or the Tools Utilities Global edit functions.

I have not conducted any sort of thorough check of the Biblioscape entry.

I could no find any method of providing feedback on the site so will have to hope that Francesco Dell'Or monitors the Biblioscape Forum.