Installing Bibliopocket

It's a mystery. I'm trying to install Bibliopocket on a Dell Axim X51v running ActiveSync 4.2 and Windows Mobile 5.

I downloaded bpk1.exe from Biblioscape and installed Visual CE. After hunting around for some information about what to do next, I found some discussion on the old BiblioWeb forum.

Apparently, a file - bibliopocket.vse - should have been downloaded and placed somewhere on my hard disk. No such file exists on mine. I searched using "bibliopocket.vse", "*.vse", and "bibliopocket.*".

I also tried launching the two .exe files in the VisualC folder. No luck there.

I've haven't seen much interest in Bibliopocket, although it seems like an excellent idea. Has anybody got it working? If so, what more do I need to do?




Hello, some time ago I also


some time ago I also tried to install Bibliopocket on myWM5-based PDA. What I experienced was about the same that you found: Executing the installer created a "Visual CE" directory on my hard disk and put some stuff in there, but nothing more happened. Especially, nothing was transfered to my PDA by ActiveSync. Eventually I gave up on that.

I was able to unpack the installer archive, so I have the files lying around that it contains. Will it be sufficient to copy bibliopocket.vse to the PDA (manually) to make Bibliopocket run on it? Or are there more components necessary.

I think I'll give it another try with that file. Maybe that will work.

Best regards

BiblioPocket uses VisualCE.

BiblioPocket uses VisualCE. If VisualCE runtime is installed properly. You just need to put BiblioPocket.vce on somewhere in your pocketPC. It should work.

Hello, then I think the


then I think the Bibliopocket installer should install the VisualCE runtime on my PDA, which it actually doesn't do (I aready wrote about that somewhere else). What files should it put there? Or (alternatively): Can I get the VisualCE runtime somewhere from its vendor's website (in the hope that it does work)?


Not sure what caused the

Not sure what caused the problem. What is the OS version of your PocketPC?

Dear Paul, I have a PDA with

Dear Paul,

I have a PDA with WM5 on it, and ActiveSync 4.2 on my desktop (I also tried 4.1 and 4.0). Everytime I try to install it on my desktop computer it is simply ignored by ActiveSync.

Thanks for your help!

Best regards

Sorry, I don't know what

Sorry, I don't know what caused the problem. I will keep this in mind and see if there are others having a similar problem.

There should be a file

There should be a file BiblioPocket.vce transfered to your Axim after the next sync once BiblioPocket is installed.

Dear Paul and Kristian,Sorry

Dear Paul and Kristian,

Sorry for not having followed up sooner after starting this thread (I was out of the country).

I have the same setup as Kristian - WM5, and ActiveSync 4.2 - on my Axim x51V. 

> There should be a file BiblioPocket.vce transfered to your Axim after the next sync once BiblioPocket is installed.

bpk1.exe seems to install VisualCE ok on my desktop, but that is as far as it goes. The following four files are installed in the VisualCE folder on my PC:





Launching them manually doesn't seem to do anything. 

I don't see Bibliopocket installed anywhere, nor do I see the file BiblioPocket.vce either on my PC or on the PPC.

Is there anything else I should be doing? 




It looks the installation

It looks the installation problem is related to WM5 or Axim x51V. If there is anyone with WM5 on another brand and have tried BiblioPocket, I would like to hear from you. BiblioPocket was developed with VisualCE version 7.

Paul -Thanks for putting out

Paul -

Thanks for putting out the call for other BiblioPocket users to help solve this problem. Like you, my guess at this point is WM5 as a likely culprit. I have noticed that a number of software developers have not yet advertised their products as working with WM5, which suggests that it is causing some compatibility problems.

ActiveSync stills plays up from time to time, too, although I am using the latest version (4.2), and have solved the usual issues of sync'ing with ZoneAlarm and my antivirus software. As for the Axim, I understand that the X51V is not that different from the earlier X50 models...

All the best,



Same issue

Hi guys,

I've tried so hard to install Bibliopocket on my pda, but I exactly had the same issue with Derek. I use IPAQ h5555, and its OS is PPC 2003. Also, I use Activesync 4.2.

The bpk2.exe installed visual CE on my desktop successfully, but it does not install any bibliopocket.vce on my pda. I cannot find the file in nowhere actually. Is this because the SW does not support WCE2003?



My operating system

Dear Paul,

my PDA is an ASUS MyPal A636. Its OS is WM5, and I'm using ActiveSync 4.2.

From all the posts in this thread it appears to me that the technical detail that all have in common is ActiveSync 4.2. (or at least 4.x). Is it possible that VisualCE 7 cannot register itself with ActiveSync 4.x?

BTW, is there anyone out there who got Bibliopocket installed via ActiveSync 4.x (to whatever OS)?

In addition, I remember that I read somewhere that ActiveSync 4 doesn't list a software package as transferable if it's not considered compatible with the target PDA. Might that play a role here? Unfortunately, I don't have knowledge about the mechanism of ActiveSync getting knowledge of software to be transfered to the PDA.

Best regards

Visual CE producer Syware

Visual CE producer Syware offers a trial copy at You can give that a try to see if the installation works or not. If works, you can  just copy the BiblioPocket.vce to your PocketPC and double click to run. Please post the result.

On you desktop, if you do a

On you desktop, if you do a search for BiblioPocket.vce, can you find it?

Speaking for myself, Paul -

Speaking for myself, Paul - I have roughly the same setup as Kristian - as I mentioned earlier in the thread I have found no instance of BiblioPocket.vce anywhere on my hard drive (or my Axim) after trying to install BiblioPocket.

How, when and by what process is this file generated, and where should it ordinarily be found? It might help to know this in order to track down the problem. When using your installation "bpk1.exe", Visual CE seems to install itself ok (DelsL1.isu, Vicesync.exe, and VICERT.exe).



The file BiblioPocket.vce is

The file BiblioPocket.vce is supposed to be copied to the root of file system on your PocketPC.

Paul - Definitely not

Paul -

Definitely not anywhere on either ppc or laptop after I run bpk1.exe.



Paul - I've downloaded the

Paul -


I've downloaded the Visual CE trial copy and installed it, having uninstalled the version of Visual CE installed by bpk1.exe. Not sure what to do next, though...

Visual CE has installed itself on my ppc, but that doesn't get me any closer to generating the file "bibliopocket.vce", which presumably Visual CE makes use of, and transferring it to the ppc.

Sorry to be a bit dense about this :-)


I should have realised that bpk1.exe is an executable zip file. When I unpacked it manually, I found bibliopocket.vce in it along with all the other files. I transferred the bibliopocket.vce to the ppc, but was unable to run it as the evalution version of Visual CE will not run forms.

It looks as though the original Visual CE has components that are not getting installed on the ppc. Can I install them manually? Visual CE.lod seems to give some directions about what to do..hmm. Maybe I'll play around a little.


I'm not sure how far this takes me, but I did the following:

1. Reinstalled your original Visual CE (v.7.1) into its Visual CE folder on my hard disk. 

2. Manually copied VICERT.EXE over to my ppc. This did not work as I got an error message that this version would not work on the ppc. 

3. Renamed VICERT.exe to VICERT.ex  in my hard disk's Visual CE folder.

4. Copied VICERT.exe.ARM to my Visual CE folder from the folder in which I had unpacked bpk1.exe

5. Renamed the file to VICERT.EXE and copied it to my ppc.

6. Associated bibliopocket.vce with VICERT.EXE on my ppc.

7. Double-clicked on bibliopocket.vce and opened BiblioPocket with one record on it (blank Journal Article).

[N.B. I used VICERT.exe.ARM as the Dell Axim has an ARM processor (I think). I was not sure whether to use that file or VICERT.exe.ARM_2K - which might be better; I haven't tried it.]

Obviously this is only the beginning, but at least it looks as though some things are working. All it probably needs is for someone who knows what he/she is doing (not me!) to re-design the installation somewhat, and get synchronization working.


It works on my iPAQ h4150

You are a genius. It worked.

As for synchronization, this version doesn't support it. It says so in the description:

"...BiblioPocket doesn't support database sync between PocketPC and desktop database...",

The only way to do it is by export-import:

"...but it allows user to exchange data between PocketPC and desktop databases through export and import..."

Haven't tried exporting-importing yet.

I will do it with a sample database first.


Some further comments:1.

Some further comments:

1. According to the help file (bibliopocket.chm) synchronization is not available for the ppc - only for the Palm. Import-Export functions are used instead. I haven't tried this out.

2. On my Axim, the Bibliopocket display has no menus, and one cannot switch away from it using the "x" button on the rhs of the top status bar. This may well be a consequence of the way I installed it, however.

3. I assume that the help file is intended to run on the desktop rather than the ppc, as there is no hh.exe file on my ppc.

4. I tried both ARM varieties of VICERT.exe (Visual C runtime), and both performed exactly the same.




How to install Bibliopocket on HP iPaq rx1955

I read all the the messages in this topic (Installing BiblioPocket), but was unable to find any closure. I couldn't get BiblioPocket running on my palmtop. Have anyone been successful in trying this? If so, what are the appropriate procedures?

Thank you

Fernando Soares

There is a problem with the

There is a problem with the latest PocketPC OS. We will try to solve this problem later. Thanks.

Running on WM5

Its been a year. Any news of biblioexpress being able to be used on WM5 or 6?


Since very few people use

Since very few people use this software, we have not worked on it for a long time. It was developed with VisualCE. If you get VisualCE installed on your PocketPC, you can than manually copy BiblioPocket.vce file to your PocketPC. Then run it.

Visual CE trial installed but no use

Dear All,

I managed, after a lot of effort, to follow instructions of forum, Visual CE trial is installed on it, but when I click Bibliopocket.vce on my HTC, this error message appears: "Only an evaluation version of Visual CE is installed. To run this form, install a paid version of visual CE". This is exactly what I did not expect nor wished for! Spending so many hours to override installation obstacles many of you encountered just to face this in the end is a little annoying. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Dear Paul, I am sure you know better than everyone that it is the mobility of such a tool that can make it more popular. Can you give a hint, or suggest when next version for mobiles will come?

Thank you all in advance


Nikolaos, We have stopped

Nikolaos, We have stopped the development of BiblioPocket and no longer sell it. In the future, we will try to development a version of BiblioWeb that can be used on small screen. So smart phone users can have access to Biblioscape database on the road. Thanks, Paul

When usability is smooth, the number of users increase

Paul, I think very few people use this software because 1st, it doesn't install as smooth as one would expect (actually I couldn't do it at all), and 2nd, there isn't much of a competition out there (for PDAs). However, I found myself countless times in need for such a software that synchronizes my literature findings, when I'm on the road, with Biblioscape in my desktop. So far I have been using ordinary note taking and voice-recording softwares to assist me on that. It is really cumbersome and it feels like a waste of time to rewrite everything in my Biblioscape. I wish I had Bibliopocket working in my PDA. In smartphones I suppose it could get even better to send references to students and co-workers.

If you are on the road and

If you are on the road and have laptop or have access to another PC. Taking Biblioscape plus its database on USB stick in your pocket is a better solution. Please see

Guess I'll be looking for some other product

This is highly disheartening. Liked the product and am getting ready to write another book and need a good bibliography manager that will work on Windows and my PDA. As I work at a major University and help other researchers I will not be suggesting this line.

And I agree with Derek. If the product was enhanced (and it probably wouldn't take much) more people would use it.

Right now I am simply using pocket excel but would prefer to use bibliopocket.

It is possible we will work

It is possible we will work on it later. Unlike BiblioPalm, BiblioPocket doesn't support database sync. It can just do import and export. As I suggested above, it is easier to run Biblioscape from your USB keychain if you are on the road. Thanks.