Online Search Access Violation

I just began using Biblioscape today, and am loving it! I have started to load my references using the online search by searching for a reference and dragging and dropping my reference into the reference node on the project tree. It was working great, but for some reason when my google scholar searches began returning an error:

"Access violation at address 00B99E30 in module 'Biblioscape.exe'. Read of address 00000000."

The pubmed search still works. I am using the free trial until I learn more about the licensing/mobility concerns I have, so maybe that has an effect.

Thanks for any suggestions.


fixed it

I also began receiving dbisam errors when trying to delete the large number of online references in my recycling bin, so i used the "rebuild" function. it said that corruptions were found and corrected, and that seemed to correct all of my issues, including the online search problem.

apologies for posting support issue in general section. thanks!

Cara, if you have lots of

Cara, if you have lots of unwanted references in the Online Search folder, you can click the toolbar button "Empty Online Search Folder" which is next to the "Online Search" toolbar button.

Cara, I cannot reproduce

Cara, I cannot reproduce this. Please restart Biblioscape and see if you can reproduce it. Thanks, Paul