Searching the library catalog -library edition module

The Library catalog-Library Edition. We have a list of references, but when I try to search the catlog records by subject, author or title, the program defaults to searching attributes of the Borrower. How can I change this default to search the library records?

Thanks, Pamela

catlog search

Yes, I was seaching catalog and "all", but the fields are listed for borrower not catalog, I do not know how to change the default. and I cannot get a toolbar to appear when the catalog records are displayed.

Thanks, Pamela

Please quit Biblioscape and

Please quit Biblioscape and replace the content of "...\Global\toolbars.ini" with the content of "...\Global\toolbars_backup.ini".

How the search is done? Did

How the search is done? Did you go to "Catalog | Search"? If the list is a searched result set, there are two tabs "All" and "Searched". Click on the "All" tab will show all the available fields.