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In Biblioscape,"search phrase" is difficult things.It seemed "Fast search" and "Advanced search"(both old and new) ,and old "Fast search"didn't support "search phrase".And I found old "Indexed search" and "Smart search" support it,but "Indexed search" wil say"no match_bib".Are all true?
Sometimes,one could search like "football" ,"foot ball","foot-ball",even "foot -ball".How do it in Biblioscape?

With advanced search, you

With advanced search, you can use wild card. For example "foot%ball" will cover all 3 examples. "?" is single character wildcard in SQL. You can also try the "Edit | Find". It even support regular expression. It is very powerful and flexible. You can do a search of regular expression on google. It is not hard to learn.

Three ways

Thanks a lot!
I think ,there are three ways:
1."Smart search"
"Smart search" must have all database indexed?Or,fulltext indexing quicks up "smart search"?
2."advanced search"
This is a way to solve such a problem.Though not perfect,"advanced search" is a bit slow,especially a bigger database.
"foot_ball" seemed more accurate than "foot%ball"."foot?ball" can't take effect.Is this right?
"%" stands for zero or more,and "_" stands for one.What stands for zero or one?
To be accurate,more complicated methods are "advanced search"+."Edit | Find/Replace"+"advanced search".
3."Edit | Find"
I wish it have "find all",in replace of "fing next".
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Can you give an example in

Can you give an example in detail to show what records are in your database, and what search phrase do you want to use to retrieve those records. Thanks, Paul

Search quickly and accurately!

From my opinion,many concepts need two words_phrase to clearly define.So,supporting phrase search is very important.Such exemples is too many,like "thermally conduct","room temperature".

I found ,at now,"phrase searching" is not perfect.I have sayed there'r three ways,actually,method 1and 2 are like ,except "advanced search" will support case-insensitive in version 8.They all are slow for a database more than 100,000 references,and seemed be not perfect.Method 3 is my anticipated things.
Search quickly and accurately!

There is another way. It

There is another way. It doesn't work reliably for some users. Go to "Tools | Options". On the "Database" tab, check the box "Full text live indexing". In the references module, go to the "Search" tab on the right. Select "Old" at the top of the Search tab. Then select "Indexed Search". There are 3 buttons before the button "Start". Select the button "Indexed Search". You can see some search examples there.

Thanks for your answer

Thanks for your answer sincerely!
Such a way may take effects.It needs fulltext indexing,and needs three searches as searching "football","foot-ball",or "foot ball".
I will try it again!(Though it have sayed "no match_bib"!I should try to rebuild fulltext indexes.)