Biblioscape vs. Notabene

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Would anyone care to chime in and comment on Biblioscape compared to NotaBene? They both are aimed at providing research tools to users in a modular way...but how do they compare?

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I have never used NotaBene

I have never used NotaBene but reading about it now I am curious how they do what they describe writing about Archiva:

"(2) Articles — capture bibliographic citations from journal articles and chapters in books from major on-line research databases (for example, JSTOR, Project Muse, EBSCO Host, and countless more)"

Paul, might this be educational in relationship to the request for extra search engines here:

Archiva is really impressive

Archiva is really impressive in that it runs in the background and selecting text on a page results in either: Parsing the data into bibliographic format or captures it as a web page so that it can be linked to another reference.

What I like about Biblioscpape is the ease at which I can make notes, relate the notes, etc. Very slick in that regard.

Most of those sites support

Most of those sites support Direct Export. Biblioscape supports Direct Export too. So you can capture references from those sites through Direct Export. This is covered in the Online Manual.