Biblioscape version 8 is released

Biblioscape version 8 is released by CG Information. The trial copy is available for download at Version 8 can open a Biblioscape database from earlier releases and convert it to the version 8 format. Please back up your old database before opening it in version 8.

Version 8 has many new features that make capturing references and taking notes easier. Users can now search references at Google Scholar and PubMed; the hits will be automatically captured into your database. It is also possible to search the catlogs of 2,000 plus university and public libraries through the Z39.50 protocol. As you browse your reference collection, Biblioscape can autoamtically search the Internet and find related references, as well as the full text if it is freely available.

Taking notes is an important part of research writing. Biblioscape allows users to take different kinds of notes while reading a reference. Notes are automatically linked to their sources and categorized. You can use your notes later in a word processor or inside the Biblioscape composition module. The composition module is designed to write a thesis or book. It provides an integrated writing environment and can generate a table of contents, index, suggested reading list, etc. A note can be used in more than one writing project. You can also keep multiple copies of a note through the notes versioning support.

You are welcome to install the Biblioscape trial copy. It is fully functional for 100 sessions. To learn more about the new features in Biblioscape 8, please go to You can also download the Biblioscape version 8 manual in PDF format at

Paul Chen 
CG Information


In "capture page as a reference" how is default folder changed?

when I use "capture page as reference" Biblioscape 8 sets a default folder. This default is not one I want to use for this purpose. I know how to change the folder by clicking on the drop down list on the status line and then clicking on the icon to change the folder path. But this does not stick. The next time I return it automatically defualts to the original folder which is one that I will never want to capture references to. How is that default folder changed?
Dr. Robert Masson

Dr. Robert Masson, This bug

Dr. Robert Masson, This bug will be fixed iin the next patch release. It will be available tomorrow at

Quick Add feature is quick, easy and saves you time

It is important to stress the Quick Add feature is amazing!! I tried several times and I am still impressed with the ability of this software to save me tones of time surfing for related references and downloading them to my database. I have not seen this kind of feature in any other application of this type out there. Also, I strongly suggest to follow the manual suggestions on how to use Biblioscape in your workflow. Works smoothly and keeps everything under control.

Trouble using import filter developed for Bib7

In Bib 7 I have been using an import filter that I created to download MARC records from the Marquette University library at In the Bib 7 I use the Internet window to find the record I want, I select the MARC format, and then use the "capture reference" tab in Bib 7 to import that referrence. This has worked very well for me for some time now.
This import filter does not work in Bib 8. I imported it to Bib 8 based on the file I had exported from Bib 7. When I try importing, 0 records are recognized.
Are there some sort of changes in Bib 8 that need to be taken into account?
Dr. Robert Masson

Robert, can you email me the

Robert, can you email me the import filter? I will give it a try.

Renaming categories in Bib8

I have to rename some of my categories and am having problems. I suspect that the problem is not specific to Bib8 vs Bib7. When I try to rename or delete a category, Biblioscape gets "hung up" and does not respond. Utimately I have to use Windows to force the Bib to shut down. I have tried going into each record to individually make the changes and this has sometimes enabled me to resolve the problem, but it has only been paritially successful and is time consuming. At this rate I will soon use up my "100" trial uses. Not that I mind upgrading from Bib7 but I want to make sure it is stable enough while I am in the middle of a book project.
Dr. Robert Masson

There was a bug like what

There was a bug like what you described when user delete a category with apostrophe inside a category name. This bug has been fixed in the latest v7 and v8 patch release. If you category name doesn't have "'" insude, please zip all the files under your database folder and email me the zip. Let me know which category to rename. So I can reproduce the bug. Thanks.