warning before delete?

We have had a few records mistakenly deleted in our database. Is it possible for a warning screen or box to appear to confirm the deletion of a record? As it is now, the record is deleted automatically after hitting the delete button.


All deleted records are kept

All deleted records are kept in the Recycle Bin. Only when you empty the recycle bin or delete records from the recycle bin, Biblioscape will warn you. For most people, a warning click for every delete is not needed. Thanks, Paul

recycle bin

Thanks, Paul. Just so that I understand correctly, which recycle bin do you mean? The regular one on the desktop? Or is there one in Biblioweb? Thanks, Tracie

The one in Biblioscape.

The one in Biblioscape.

warning in BiblioWeb still helpful

Thanks, Paul. I'll check that the next time this happens. I checked the Deleted folder/Recycle Bin in BibloScape the last time this happened and didn't see the record. These records were deleted using BiblioWeb. I still think that it would be helpful in BiblioWeb to have a warning appear. The delete and edit buttons are very close to each other on the BiblioWeb record screen. We have had a couple of different people here delete things in BiblioWeb accidentally.
Thanks for your help, Tracie

In BiblioWeb, deleted

In BiblioWeb, deleted records are not put in the recycle bin. We plan to redo BiblioWeb. Thanks, Paul