format/unformat documents in Word compared with Bookends

I'm a PC user, but had the chance to explore a program called Bookends on a Mac. For example, I wrote a document, inserted citations by dragging them directly from the Bookends database (equivalent of Biblioscape reference database), saved the file as an RTF. I then formatted the document in Bookends. So now all citations are in place as numbers (eg (1) (2) (3) (4)...).

I then decided to correct errors WITHOUT UNFORMATTING the document.....deleting some of the citations (for example (2)) and add others. The document at this point has a mixture of original unchanged citations (1) (3) and (4), one that was deleted (2), and new references [Name #23] and [Next name #45]. Interestingly, when I clicked to format this document, it worked flawlessly, keeping 1, 3, and 4, deleting the old 2 and placing Name#23 in its place, and adding Next name #45 to another location in the document. Very smart!

So, is there any way to eliminate having the format, unformat sequence in Biblioscape. I tried doing the same procedure in Biblioscape as in Bookends above, but led to bad results (two reference sections, missing refs, and garbled text in document).

The current release of

The current release of Biblisocape doesn't support this. With Biblisocape, you have to unformat first before formatting it again. This is one of the areas we will try to improve in future releases. Thanks, Paul


That would be great, but even better if incorporated into Version 8 of Biblioscape.

It is too late to add it to

It is too late to add it to version 8.

That's unfortunate. The

That's unfortunate. The format/unformating of references in documents is a major function of reference database software, and really needs to be updated in the current version of Biblioscape. Is there any way possible still that this can be put into release 8 at this time? This seems like such a major thing .... that should work like other existing reference management software.

We may be able to add this

We may be able to add this improvement in version 8.

Paul, Just following up to

Just following up to see if the format/unformat feature (re Bookends discussion) has been added to v8, and when v8 will officially be available. Many thanks,

The feature is added to

The feature is added to version 8. I don't have a release date. But it is very close.

unformat/format Bookends style

Hi Paul,
Before I upgrade, I just want to confirm with you whether or not Version 8 has addressed the mixed unformat/format feature (like Bookends) discussed in this thread, ie. in a formatted document if I wish to add another reference, I don't need to unformat first--I can add the reference in the desired location and just format once more. Thanks,

That feature is added to

That feature is added to version 8. Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul, This is great news!

Hi Paul,
This is great news! Will this work with the current Word template addins, or have they changed too?

It will work with the

It will work with the add-ins.

Paul, That would be a

That would be a welcome fix to the program and biblioscape users. The ability for the the user to format (reformat) a mixed Word document as is done in the previous/current version of Bookends would really streamline editing/database management in documents using Biblioscape. Thank you in advance for trying to add this improvement in version 8.