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I notice that in SideKick (and Biblioscape) that you have to enter the entire word to retrieve a result. Is it possible to make the search function on a rolling basis for characters or portions of words?? say you are trying to find a particular (fictional) author in the sidekick app. However you don't remember the complete name, but you know that is is Bigglesworth, Gigglesworth, Rigglesworth, or Wigglesworth. In the current search system, you would have to type in each name separately. However, since you know it has " iggles" or "worth" in the name, you could type in these phrases to locate the desired reference. The same situation for membrane versus membranous. You could type in "membran" to retrieve both desired sets.

The current version does

The current version does support this. You can use * as the wildcard at the end. If your search "membran*" it will find both "membrane" and "membranous".  Paul

thanks- i figured this was

thanks- i figured this was in the program, but could not find it in the online book.