Biblioscape icons

Is there any way that all of the icons (biblioscape, bibliosidekick, etc) can be revamped in the next bug fix...... for better appearance in Vista and supporting programs? (ie 128x128 of the actual red icon, not all of the white background). For instance, if you use Object Dock, the Biblioscape icon appears extremely small (the red portion). Just for appearance....

Can you email me a

Can you email me a screenshot of the icon with object dock? Thanks. Paul

Biblioscape icons and docking programs

Hi Paul,
So the Biblioscape icons seem to work ok with Rocket Dock, as opposed to ObjectDock, where they are tiny. Not sure why the difference, but for your information-

Paul, Apparently if the

Apparently if the monitor DPI is set to 96, then the Biblioscape icon works fine in object dock, is scalable to however large you want it. But if you change the DPI to 120, then the icon becomes tiny. In my case, having 96 DPI on the laptop makes for some very tiny text though.