Biblioscape 7.4 release

Version 7.4 patch can be downloaded at The above URL always contains the latest patch which includes all the earlier 7.x patches. Please quit Biblioscape first and unzip the downloaded file to your Biblioscape installation folder to replace the old files. Here is the list of bugs fixed and new features added in version 7.4.

  • Bug fix: In the composition module, when users open a remote database through BiblioRemote server, Biblioscape generate error "DBISAM Engine Error # 11294 SQL error - The database  'DataBase_global' does not exist on the database server at <IP  address>".
  • Improvement: In reference editor "Notes" tab, a new button "Shoot Note" is added.
  • Improvement: In the notes module, relative path is implemented for the Web Local field.
  • Bug fix: In the references module, when repeated citations are found in footnote, Biblioscape will not use short form when converting temp citations to formatted citations.
  • Bug fix: In BiblioWeb, when unformat a document, BiblioWeb generates access violation error.
  • Bug fix: When user edit an existing link, sometimes the wrong link record is opened for editing.
  • Bug fix: When double click *.bsl file to start Biblioscape, Biblioscape keeps running another session in the backgound which causes high CPU usage.
  • Bug fix: When unformatting RTF document generated by Word 2007 with graphics or OLE object, the unformatted document cannot be opened.

Applying 7.4 patch froze Biblioscape

Dear Paul,

When I recently tried to apply the 7.4 patch, Biblioscape froze. Here is the error message I got:
"DBISAM engine error #10038 Invalid or duplicate field name 'Height' specified for the table 'note'.

This was followed by a series o other messages as I tired unsuccessfully to close BS in the conventional way. Finally and I had to close it via the Task Manager.

The only database I have in there currently is a small public transport one, and I have a backup of it somewhere in one of my Ghost image files.

I thought about uninstalling v7 and starting from scratch but my copy of v7 seems to have no means of uninstalling it (unlike my v6).

Can you help?



Removing Biblioscape 7 is

Removing Biblioscape 7 is easy. Just delete the Biblioscape folder. The error message suggests the database is not converted to the latest version correctly. If you still cannot solve the problem with a fresh install and the backup database. Please email me your backup database as a zip.

Dear Paul, Thanks for your

Dear Paul,

Thanks for your email. In the end I decided to uninstall BS and reinstall my original v7 program file, which I then updated to v7.41.

For some reason even the backup version of my db had problems with the conversion process so I
imported an earlier version of the database from BS v6 into Biblioscape 7. The conversion went fine and I lost no data as I hadn't been adding to the database in question for some time.

Thanks again,


DBISAM Engine Error # 11949 SQL error - Invalid field name 'Not_

Hi Paul,

In upgrading to 7.4 I get this error message plus crash:

DBISAM Engine Error # 11949 SQL error - Invalid field name 'Not_misc' specified for text index.

Can you help?


Please zip all the files

Please zip all the files under your database folder and email me the zip ( If you still have a copy that is not touched by v7.4, that is what I want. If not, the current database is OK.