Biblioscape 7.33 release

Version 7.33 patch can be downloaded at The above URL always contains the latest patch which includes all the earlier 7.x patches. Please quit Biblioscape first and unzip the downloaded file to your Biblioscape installation folder to replace the old files. Here is the list of bugs fixed and new features added in version 7.33.

  • Bug fix: In the composition module, when two preview panes are displayed, clicking the "Horizontal/Vertical" button may not work in certain situations.
  • Bug fix: A colored category is not displayed in the records list with color if the category has more than one word.
  • Bug fix: In the references module, when creating a note from a reference editor, the font used by the note is not the default one set on the "Tools | Options" window.
  • Bug fix: In the references module, when user add a note in the reference editor window and cancel the operation, Biblioscape generates error message.
  • Bug fix: When user goes to menu "Go | Internet", nothing happens. This bug was introduced in 7.32 patch release.
  • Improvement: An option is added to add categories to the "New Categories" folder if they don't already exist in the current database when adding or importing new records.
  • Improvement: In the Composition module References tab and Notes tab, preview pane is added. Double clicking will open the record.

Two Bugs

1. The colored category is not displayed when the database is opened through Biblioremote server.
It works well if the database is opened locally.
2. Draging a reference from one folder to another(not link folder), The references list don't refresh
automatically. The "moved" reference don't disappear in the original folder. You need refresh

Both problems only exists

Both problems only exists when connecting BiblioRemote. Colored category feature needs to access the database a lot which is too expensive when openning a remote database. So we disable that feature when connecting through BiblioRemote to make the application more responsive. Refreshing is also disabled when there are too many records in the list to make application more responsive. Thanks, Paul