BiblioExpress 3

BiblioExpress is designed to be a simple bibliographic tool for researchers and students. The number one goal is to make it easy to learn and use. It doesn't have the bells and whistles of our flagship product Biblioscape. But if your needs are simple - a reference manager and be able generate foonote or endnote in a few popular styles into Word and WordPerfect, BiblioExpress could be the ideal tool for you.

BiblioExpress uses the same database engine as Biblioscape. It can import or export records in Biblioscape tag format and EndNote Refer format. BiblioExpress database can hold a large number of references. The performance of Dynamic Folder searches will slow down as the size of your database increase. But the performance of Fast Search won't slow down much as your database grows. The records can be grouped by drag-and-drop, or sorted by clicking on the column header.


Organize Records: Bibliographic records are displayed in a data grid. Records can be sorted by clicking the column header. Double clicking a record will switch to the "Record" mode for editing.
Explorer Bar: On the "Explorer Bar", the user can perform complicated queries and store them in a tree structure.
Preview Bar: On the "Preview Bar", the selected record is formatted according to the current Style.


Edit Record: A bibliographic record can be edited with the reference editor. Data fields are divided into three tabs. The screen layout is just like Biblioscape.


Group Columns: Bibliographic records can be grouped by any columns, by drag-and-drop. Records can be grouped at multi-levels.


Choose Fields: User can select which data fields are to be displayed in the data grid by dragging it between the data grid and Columns window.


Shoot to Word or WordPerfect: The user can "shoot" the current reference to a Word or WordPerfect document as a footnote or endnote.  


Document: Formatted text can be pasted into the document field of a bibliographic record. You can insert graphics as well as OLE objects.