reports on Biblioscape on Linux?

I am just about to buy an Asus eee PC 901 (as soon as it becomes available) to take with me to the archives. I'd like to buy the Linux version (Xandros, I htink) and run Biblioscape 7.x on it. The most recent forum posting about compatibility with Biblioscape on Linux was in 2006. I was hoping that someone with more recent experience could confirm that I'll be able to run Biblioscape, possibly with some translation program (people have mentioned Wine and Ubuntu) on a Linux system. Any suggestions or experiences would be most appreciated.

It should work under WINE.

It should work under WINE. But I have not tested it myself. If the version released in 2006 worked under WINE, version 7 should work as well.

Not sure

Hi Annette,

WINE is improving all the time, and it may be possible to get Biblioscape to run on it. When I last tried it, I could certainly get BiblioSidekick to work, but unfortunately not the main program. Also, it wasn't possible to get a machine ID under WINE to license Biblioscape. However, this experiment was over a year ago.

The main problem with the eee PC is that you won't have a Windows installation on the same machine, from which you could copy some native DLLs if required. But again, newer versions of WINE may no longer require this.

Unfortunately, I also need some other Windows programs for my work, so I have a whole virtual machine inside Linux running WinXP and Biblioscape when required. I use VirtualBox with no problems at all. VMWare and Win4Lin Pro should also work if they can be installed on your machine.