Biblioscape 7.31 release

Version 7.31 patch can be downloaded at The above URL always contains the latest patch which includes all the earlier 7.x patches. Please quit Biblioscape first and unzip the downloaded file to your Biblioscape installation folder to replace the old files. Here is the list of bugs fixed and new features added in version 7.31.

  • Bug fix: If users opened a record window and close it, Biblioscape reports access violation error when users quit Biblioscape. This bug was introduced in version 7.30 release.
  • Improvement: In the Composition module, a preview pane is added on the Notes tab.
  • Improvement: In the Composition module, when adding a new note, the current note's type will be used for the new note.
  • Improvement: In the Notes module, users can now drag notes and drop them into a composition folder. The selected notes will be added to the composition outline automatically.
  • Bug fix: In the Composition module, the "Mark" button on "Citation", "Index", and "Glossary" tab doesn't work.
  • Bug fix: In the References module, if the references list is sorted, clicking "References | Retrieve All" will flip the sort order from ascending to descending or vice versa.
  • Improvement: In the Composition module, under the "Outline" tab, a new toolbar button "New Child Note" is added to add a note as the child of the current one.
  • Bug fix: In the Categories module, records from other modules that are tagged with the current category are not shown.

Problem with imported categories

When I import a reference and select a category for it, the imported categor does not work correctly. This used to work. I have noticed it since upgrading to 7.31. Although searching for the new reference by category does not work, when I open the new reference and look at the categories tab information, the category is not checked. But in the bottom panel its shows the category name. If I check the category box, Biblioscape then creates a second instance of the category name in that bottom panel. Once I check the box manually the new reference is included with other items in this category. Rebuilding and packing etc. does not seem to fix the problem.

Dr. Robert Masson

I can reproduce this bug. It

I can reproduce this bug. It will be fixed in 7.32 patch release. Thanks.

keep user settings on update

Hi Paul, would you please provide us with a list of files that should not be replaced by the update-data because they carry individual user settings? Up to now I keep global/link_relationship.txt - but where are symbol bar settings stored? Anything else one should think of?
A readme-file with such information, stored in the zip-folder, would be appreciated.
Thanks, Volker

Volker, the easiest thing to

Volker, the easiest thing to do is to sort files inside winzip by the column "Modified" (date). Then only extract the one after your last patch update. For example, if you have installed 7.30 patch before and you can find the release date at Use Winzip to open 7.31 patch, then only extract files date modified date after 7.30 release date. Thanks.