Feature request: availability of a basic category modul in the standard edition

In the category modul there is this useful panel on the right which shows at once which references, notes etc. have been tagged with a given category. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for users of the professional version. However, in my opinion, it doesn't belong to the enhanced functionality of topic maps but to the basic tagging functionality available also to users of the standard edition. Consequently I would appreciate if something like this was also available in the standard edition (for users like me who don't need tasks, charts, BiblioWeb and topic maps, but who want to have optimal access to their references and notes).
With the forthcoming introduction of the composition functionality (see http://support.biblioscape.com/node/1056) wouldn't it be a good idea to create two separate moduls: first, a basic category modul for all editions (for creating and managing categories and retrieving references and notes belonging to a given category), and second, an enhanced composition/topic map modul with all the wonderfull features to come and available only in the professional version.


The feature you mentioned

The feature you mentioned will display all the tagged records across modules. The standard edition allows you to see all the tagged records in the current module. The basic categories functions you mentioned are already included in all editions on the Categories tab on the right. Thank you for your suggestion. But at this stage, we want to keep all the advanced features in the Pro edition. The upcoming composition module will also be in Pro edition only. We compare our product to other bibliographic software. If a feature is new or unique to Biblioscape, we will put it in the Pro edition only. Thanks.

Paul, I fully understand

Paul, I fully understand that the advanced features are only available in the Pro edition. What I was suggesting was that users of the standard edition also should be able to retrieve all tagged records across the modules available to them, i.e. references and notes; in BS7 they are not but can retrieve their notes and references belonging to the same category only separately (although creating categories is cross-module also in the standard edition). But as I said, it is only a suggestion that I would be happy to see implemented in the future. (And of course you're right, other software doesn't have this either; it's just that I got used to the fact that BS is superior and can do - nearly - everything I need).