Another problem with categories

First: Happy new year and good continuing of your great work with biblioscape!!!

I observe other questions with categories.
1) When creating a new category on the right category pane, this category is not to be found in the Category modul, it is also not assigend with one of the topic map semantic classification, e.g. "Topic type", "Association type" etc.

2) In the Category modul I can assign subjects (or topics or in biblioscape "categories") to the specific semantic of topic maps, e.g. "Topic type", "Association type", "Association role type", "Occurence type", "Scope", but I can't create just a topic. Am I'm doing something wrong?

3) Creating in Category modul a category as "Topic type" and deleting this category, the subject isn't deleted from the pull down menu "Type". It should be.

Thank you