Biblioscape 7.22 release

Version 7.22 patch can be downloaded at The above URL always contains the latest patch which includes all the earlier 7.x patches. Please quit Biblioscape first and unzip the downloaded file to your Biblioscape installation folder to replace the old files. Here is the list of bugs fixed and new features added in version 7.22.

  • Improvement: For notes, tasks, charts, and categories module, if you are in the tree view and move a record to another folder, all its children will be moved as well.
  • Improvement: The command "Paste as Plain Text" is added to the notes module.
  • New feature: User can now select more than one folder. If only Ctrl key is hold down, records in both folders will be retrieved. If Alt key is hold down first, then hold down Ctrl key and select more than one folders, only records that satisfy all conditions are shown. This is an useful feature when selecting search folders.
  • Bug fix: For fast search, the hyperlinked search word is highlighted. But the link generated is empty.
  • Improvement: Biblioscape will no longer add categories of the current record to a new record by default. If some users want to do that, there will be a check box on the Options window to turn that on.
  • Bug fix: The categories sorting in record editor window is different from the records list window.
  • New feature: Search folder will inherit the search properties of its parent. This feature can be turned off in the "Tools | Options" window.

Paste as Plain Text

I cannot see this command. I can see "Copy as Plain Text" in every open note but not "Paste as Plain Text". Also, I hope there will be a shortcut associated with this command.


Inconsistent performance

While "Paste as Plain Text" usually works OK, sometimes, e.g., when I copy Courier New word from an Outlook e-mail, it does not work retaining the Courier font instead of adopting the destination formatting.

Also, if I paste a formatted reference first, with the lines in the paragraph offset, apart from the first one, as is the default for formatted references, and then try to paste some other content after, this new content assumes the same paragraph formatting even though I am using "Paste as Plain Text".

Can you please check this?

When your "past as plain

When your "past as plain text", it is supposed by adopt the font properties of preceding text. If you do a regular paste, it will use the font in Outlook.

Paste as Plain Text

While you have a note open, right-click in the menu bar, "customize", "commands", then drag-and-drop the command "Paste as Plain Text" into a menu where you want it to have.
You'll see that it IS associated with Shift+Ctrl+v ("Copy as plain text" with Shift+Ctrl+c).